Mackerel Islands 324kW Solar PV Array

EMC was engaged to design and construct solar PV to connect with battery and diesel as part of a microgrid to provide fuel independence and energy savings to the tourist resort.

EMC Asset Management continues the strong relationship with the Mackerel Islands Corporation providing the operation and maintenance services for the site.

Customer: Mackerel Islands Corporation

Location: Thevenard Island, offshore from Onslow, 1,300km north of Perth, Western Australia


  • 324kW Solar PV (ground mount screwpile)
  • 614kWh Sony Lithium iron phosphate (2 x 40ft containers)
  • 440kVA Diesel Generation (4 x 110kVA)
  • Corrosive location and high wind (CAT-D) region
  • EMC fully remote monitored and controlled
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