Garden Island Microgrid Project

The Garden Island Microgrid will be the world’s first wave integrated renewable microgrid project.

Customer: Department of Defence

Project Partners: Western Power and Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

Location: Garden Island, offshore from Rockingham, 61km south of Perth, Western Australia


  • Existing diesel generation and grid infrastructure
  • Large scale 2MW solar PV farm
  • 2MW battery storage and control systems
  • To be integrated with planned CETO 6 Project
  • Western Power providing grid and network expertise and support
  • Solar/battery funded by AU$2.5m from ARENA, $3.7m debt financing agreement and $1.3m CCE equity
  • CETO 6 funded by $13m ARENA grant, debt finance and CCE equity
  • Design complete, long lead items ordered, construction commenced on solar array
  • Power supply agreement signed with Department of Defence
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