EMC Asset Management offers full independence from the main grid.

Our systems deliver reliable power to suit industrial and residential loads from 1 – 1,000 kW.

These systems enable full “diesel-off” to reduce diesel generator run hours, maintenance and most importantly fuel burn. We have systems in the field supplying up to 98% solar power. Our designed solutions provide the lowest cost energy based on your site location, diesel cost, diesel burn, peak load and expected return on capital.


1. Batteries

EMC Asset Management integrates lithium batteries from leading suppliers and optimise them for any requirements on site. Housed in custom racking allows for optimal packing density and safe transportation. Batteries are designed for a >10 year life, with warranted capacity up to 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD).

2. Container

Containers are lined with 50mm EPS or PIR refrigeration panelling, include underfloor cabling, site specific HVAC, fire-suppression, louvres, dampers and entry/exit points according to meet local standards and site specific requirements.

3. Inverters

Integrated grid-forming battery inverters allow our systems to run 100% off Solar PV while our batteries balance and store excess energy for night-time usage.

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Self-contained and easy to transport

Off-grid systems are fully containerised and commissioned at our workshop in Perth. Our engineers are ‘red dust ready’ and able to travel long distances to provide complete construction, commissioning and monitoring of new containerised systems.

Length:6.05m (20ft)
Width:2.44m (8ft)
Height:2.9m (9.5ft)
Weight:12 tonnes
Type:20ft standard shipping

Factory tested for plug-and-play installation.


EMC Asset Management offers monitoring, operational support and maintenance options for all commercial solar PV systems.

Energy systems are monitored in real-time using our in-house developed web-based portal which allows us to view live data to monitor and optimise system performance.

The data generates automatic alerts via SMS and email to both the Client and our support team. In addition, we operate a 24/7 call centre for all service enquiries for our managed sites.

We can deploy all systems with a Standardised 3G connection, satellite and radio links to allow you and us to reach even the most remote sites across the globe.




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